11 Truths and Lies About Thailand

So youre travelling to Thailand for the 1st time, and maybe it can be a bit daunting. I mean, Thailand has many a whisper. Especially from the stories you may have heard about many crazy things in Thailand, things that just do not happen in your own country. We have to admit, Thailand does things different. But there are tales that are just not true. Yet, there are tales that have a hint of truth in them. So we thought we'd clean up a few myths and tell some truth in some of those whispers you've heard. 


Let's take a look at some below:


Nothing is free if offered to you around the tourist areas

You'll have to pay. Especially in the Khao San Road area, you'll be offered many things like scorpions to jewellery, buy only if you want. 


Tuk tuks are cheap

They're not, get a metered taxi and they work out cheaper. Make sure the taxi driver switches on the meter before departing.


Scam alert

Tuk tuk drivers get their fuel paid by owners of shops; more notably suit shops, to take you there to look around. So, many drivers will ask you for a ride to wherever you're going; then mid ride they'll try and take you to a store. Be careful, it is a scam, although it is less harmless than others and it generally happens to many travellers. It can be inconvenient for you. 


Yes, Ladyboys are here in Thailand

Each to their own of course and they are people too. They may be flirtatious with you if you
re male, but just smile and walk away if you feel uncomfortable. 


Thai street kids

They may ask for money or challenge you to paper, rock, scissors for you to purchase a flower, but it isn't great you do this. Sometimes they are trying for money because they are part of human trafficking. It is heartbreaking to see, and we wish we could do more but giving them money is not the answer.


Everything is cheap

If you're earning a better currency like the Sterling, Euro, or Dollar you'll be in luck to find prices are cheaper than home. But because tourism is getting bigger and bigger in Thailand prices are steadily increasing. Still, if you eat the local food and Thai way, things will be cheap for you!


You can't pay everyone off

In some countries bribery is common, especially countries in Latin America. If you do something wrong especially with violence or use of drugs, Thai police will come down on you hard. Travel responsibly and abide by the laws in Thailand.


Solo men

Unfortunately there is a bit sex tourism industry in Thailand, especially in Pattaya where you'll see many middle aged western men visiting for sex. We strongly do not agree with this. However being fair, it doesn't apply to everyone, as some solo travellers are just being independent and wanting to see things for themselves!


Chang beer is 6.4% alcohol

Years ago at one point of production, Chang beer was being produced unregulated. Rumour spread, and kept spreading that even today it still is whispered amongst travellers You've probably heard the story, the alcohol content ranges from anywhere from 4% to 12%. Nowadays, that's not happening and all Chang has the same alcohol content.


Thai Massages and happy endings

It is true some massage studios in the more sinful areas of Thailand provide sexual services during and after massages. Generally though, a lot of massage studios are just normal booths providing Thai and Oil massages. It's quite a common thing for travellers and tourists. Relax and get a proper one!


Khao San Road

The place where many backpackers begin their travels in Thailand is based in Bangkok. You can enjoy the craziness of the markets, bars and bright colours. Khao San Road is like one giant street party, every night. You can even eat fried insects for the novelty! We at Nappark are only two streets away!