25 Thai Street Food You Should't Miss in Bangkok!

No matter what reasons that bring you to Thailand, don’t miss trying local Thai street foods. Especially the delicacies that have been around for generations. Here, to eat like locals, we can recommend the selections of food stalls which guarantee no disappointment and worth to try. 

Many of them are around #Khaosan Road area where you can hop in and out by just walking.  Yummmm....

Neua satay (Areesa beef sa tay) 

Neua means beef, neau satay from Aheesha roddee restaurant, has been famous for 50 years in the area. Fresh meat mixes with their own secretly recipe before grilling. Besides a fantastic taste, it has really enticing smell from which, can make even the biggest food critic start drooling. Aheesha Roddee is just next to 7/eleven near the roundabout.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/HWmJfTg5nDn

Price:  80-150 THB

Som tum 

Som tum is Thai most popular dish all over in Thailand. The main ingredients are a green papaya, spices, garlic, lime juice, and fish sauce or a condiment of fermented fish. However, how these ingredients are put together

using a pestle and mortar allows the flavors to be crushed together. Som Tum in different regions of Thailand taste complete different to others be sure to give them a go. This dish can be found on Tani rd.


Location: Tani Road

Price: 40-50 THB

Pad Thai

You can find the carts with pad Thai every corner on khao san road but this pad Thai cart is different from the others, less greasy, soft pad Thai noodle, fresh ingredients, big portions, make to order and cheap price. You can choose from vegetarian to seafood Pad Thai


Price: 40-60 THB

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/o6C3ndFgbqp

Tom Yum Goong 

When talking about Thai food "tom yum goong" must be in a top lists that you should not miss! You can have “tom yum goong” nearly anywhere, but what makes this street restaurant different from others is they serve big, juicy fresh prawns alongside some of the freshest ingredients, (typically brought fresh from market before the city is alive and kicking) and to top it off it comes with reasonable price. The prawns are bathed in a full bodied soup Its seasoned with lime, lemongrass and chili.


Pro- tip: Avoid coming at midday as it gets very busy, and commonly many queues stretching way out along the road.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/kpPRaJLKuwn

Price: 80-120 THB

Sai krok e-sarn 

Sai krok e-sarn or Thai sausage. The Sai Krok (Thai sausage) has a sour taste, a bit salty, made from rice mixed with ground pork. The flavor is somewhat unique and is definitely not one to be missed typically served with some vegetables and whole chilies. The ‘Sai krok’ (sausage) is Freshly grilled, and ready to be serve on the corner near the roundabout.


Price: From 10 THB

Location: 13.760957, 100.499498

Khao chae 

Khao chae is made for hot weather. Normally Thai eat steamed rice with other dishes but Khao chae they eat differently. Khao chae means rice soaked in cool water, water which using in Khao chae will be infused with Jasmine.  You will most definitely smell the scent in the rice, as you take each bite.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/tS3u88MwzmL2

Price: 80-150 THB

Look chin ping 

Look chin ping are meatball skewers, grilled over a hot small charcoal brazier. It's what gives these homemade meatballs there lovely smoky taste. And as they are home made you can be sure they are made with real meat main ingredient among other herbs and species. 


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/UrMVej83yE62

Price: From 10 THB

Pad kra pao mhoo rad khao

This popular Thai dish it's eaten everywhere. You should not pass off this dish if you visit Thailand. Taste one of Thailand most authentic dishes. Holy basil stir-fried with chili peppers infuse together to create a spicy and extremely tasty of course known as the pad kra pao. What better way to enjoy meals in real Thai restaurants atmosphere?


Price: 40-60 THB

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/kpPRaJLKuwn

Kuaitiao Yen Ta Four (Jeera Yen Ta Four)

When you look at kuaitiao yen ya four soup color, don't get scared! The soup color is pink, being made from fermented bean curd, giving the flavor a sour taste with full of meatball toppings. Give it a try, you’re in Thailand.


Price: 40-50 THB

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/txuGNvwnSeK2

Hed yang 

Vegetarian and veggie-fan must try. Choose your favorite mushroom, and see it be grilled with soya sauce and peppers. Basic but delicious!


Price: From 20 THB

Location: 13.759949, 100.498849 Tani Rd Round About

Ka nom beuang 

Ka nom beuang is very real Thai traditional dessert it does look like small pancake but it's tiny crispy. It makes from mung bean starch, rice flour and eggs. The method of making ka nom beuang is very complex. But luckily you can find fresh Ka nom beuang and see how to make it from the street on chakkrapongse rd.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/FTHbVasG4pF2

Price: From 10 THB / Piece

Kuaitiao Ped (Duck Noodles)

Kuaitiao means noodle in Thai. Kuaitiao ped is roasted duck with noodles. The overall flavor, has sweet delicate taste, slowly simmered from many, many hours which makes its soup somewhat special, not forgetting the slices roasted duck.  This stall has been opening for many decades.


Location: Next to Jeera Yen Ta Four  https://goo.gl/maps/txuGNvwnSeK2

Price: 40-80 THB


Neur Tod (P Joom Neur Tod)

Their beef is popular, deep fried beef shop in Banglumphu. There is a very strong odor of beef coming from the restaurant. From 10 meters away from NapPark Hostel.  You can smell the BEEF when you pass by. Beside the smell it tastes very nice. Neau tod is very good to eat with sticky rice. Just in front of NapPark Hostel, Tani Rd.  Don’t forget the stricky rice.


Location: 13.760883, 100.497318

Price: 50-100 THB


Khao Kaeng , Mussaman Kai

Khao kaeng is well- known as Thai fastfood, you have a plate of main steamed rice cover up with other dishes such as curry or stir fried which you can choose to go with. Dishes will be well-prepared daily. This restaurant offers many kinds of dishes and all taste good. As it's fast, delicious and cheap, Thai like to eat Khao Kaeng for lunch. Why don't you try! It's on Phrasumen Rd.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/PQeafqpRxk22

Price: 35-60 THB


Moo tod

Deep fried pork skewers. Freshly cooked, easy to take away. At the roundabout. Good if you traveling and want to cure that little craving to meal time.


Price: From 10 THB

Location: Banglamphoo Round About


Ka nom pang ping (Toast)

Toast with butter or any topping, easy to go dishes in the corner on Tani road, near the roundabout, nice little snack cures that little craving that might creep up on you.

Price: From 10 THB

Location: Banglamphoo Round About


Pa meuag yang (Squid Skewers) 

Pa meuag yang is available just in the corner of Tani road. Fresh grilled squid served with a traditional Thai hot dipping sauce. They make for a good mid-day snack

Ka nom Thai

Kanom is snack / dessert in Thai is designed as a little treat. At this shop, there are many kinds of Thai Kanom available to try on rambuttri rd. The taste is not too sweet with attractive looks, as they are shaped like fruits and flowers. Why not treat yourself?


Price: From 20 THB

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/UrMVej83yE62


Kai tod (Fried Chicken Thai Style)

Deep fried chicken. Delicious sweet soya sauce on the chicken. Can be find at the roundabout. It scarily good.


Price: 30-50 THB

Location:  Banglamphu Round About


I Tim Ka Ti Pa Thong Go

Fresh coconut ice cream homemade on top of pa tong go. Pa tong go is pretty crunchy outside but inside it’s very soft. The coconut ice cream is thick, creamy and smooth. Everything is fresh, made daily at pa tong go restaurant on phrasumen rd.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/pXXZGEgaQKF2

Price: 20-40 THB 


Pa Tong Go with Baitoey Sauce. ( Ewe Ja Guay )

With its special dough, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, this non-greasy ‘pa tong go with homemade baitoey sauce or pandan sauce’ poured on top. Makes for such a great combination. This place makes it so good that now, the dish had become restaurant signature dish. It's on phrasumen rd., opposit Kasikorn bank.


Price: 30-50 THB

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Ht2FnJRmKow



Khaohnew ma moung

Khaohnew ma moung or “mango sticky rice”, one of every Thai’s favorites dessert. This restaurant serves a very soft sticky rice, sweet-smelling originating from the creamy coconut milk and they use namdokmai mango. This famous khaohnew ma moung is rambuttri rd., in front of 7/eleven with roundabout.


Price: 50-100 THB

Location: Banglamphu Roundabout


I Tim Ka Ti 

 I Tim ka ti is coconut milk ice cream. The coconut fan should not miss one. It's creamy texture and intense smell of coconut milk can cure the sweetest of tooth’s. It goes down great for after meal desert or just for cooling down from the hot weather.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Ht2FnJRmKow

Price: From 35 THB


Ka nom Tokyo

Ka nom Tokyo, as it may sound, is just like Japanese food. The basic idea is a pancake, however making in a small size, stuffed hotdog, eggs or vanilla cream fill the inside. Available late afternoon on Tani rd.


Price: From 10 THB

Location: Banglamphu Round About


 Kanom Pung Lukkate (Pornchai Bread)

Soft fresh big baked loaf, full of raisin, ham, dried sheredded pork bread stuffed. It's just 45 Baht per loaf. The bakery is always busy from 7 am. to 6 pm. , on Tanao Rd. Almost every Thais knows this Pornchai Bread but remember that it’s Asian style bread that very soft and fluffy. Worth to try.


Price: 40-60 THB

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/YN7Up47oQd42


Tub Tim Grop (Tub Tim Siam)

Famous for Thai dessert in the area for 40 years. The highlight is Tubtimgrob (water chestnuts) in coconut milk. Everybody who comes in, must take this item from the menu  because thier tubtimgrop is crunchy, aromatic and the coconut milk not too sweet, nor sticky creamy. Tubtimgrop is on Kraisri Rd.



Price: 30-45 THB



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