Thai Phrases For You To Learn

If you are visiting a new country, one of the best things to do to integrate yourself with the locals is learn a bit of the local lingo. In Thailand, especially in the tourist and hotel business, nowadays there is a lot of English spoken to cater for the mass tourism. However, if you don't want to be the many tourists who just visit and expect Thai's to speak what language they speak, you can learn some Thai phrases that would help you when you travel Thailand.

It doesn't take long, you just need to memorise a few, try speaking them out loud, and most importantly put your plan to action. That means, speak to locals with Thai! Don't be afraid, Thai people will appreciate you trying, even if you pronounce it a little wrong. Still, whilst you're on the plane, or in your hammock, or at the hostel and you have time for a quick read, take a look at some of the phrases below we think you might find useful.

Sawatdee Kah - Hello

Sabai dee ru - How are you?

Sabai dee kup - Fine

Khob Khun Kup (M) / Kaa (F) - Thank you

Chai - Yes

Mai Chai - No

Dai - You/I Can

Mai Dai - Can not

Mai Pen Rai - Nevermind

Pood Thai Mai Dai - I can not speak Thai

Kow Jai Mai - Do you understand?

Mai Kow Jai - I do not understand

Nee Tao Rai - How much?

Pang - Expensive

Pang Mak - Very expensive

Lot Noi Dai Mai - Can you give a little discount?

Took - Cheap

Naam - Water

Chok Dee - Good Luck

Sanaam bin - Airport

Ron - Hot

Nao - Cold

Hong naam - Toilet

Naam keng - Ice

Nit noi - Small - little bit

Yai - Large

Bia - Beer

Neung - 1 | Song - 2 | Sam - 3 | See - 4 | Haa - 5 | Hok - 6 | Jet - 7 | Paed - 8 | Gow - 9 | Sip - 10 | Yee Sip - 20 |

Sam Sip - 30 | Roi / Loi - 100 |