6 Reasons Nappark Is Your Perfect Starting Point

If you’re backpacking Southeast Asia soon, by now you’ve probably discovered Bangkok is the most common first port of call. Not only is Bangkok the capital of Thailand, but it’s one of the main hubs of Southeast Asia for flying in and out. With many international flights arriving here, Bangkok is the most visited city in the world with around 21 million visitors a year. But that’s not all. Bangkok finds the right balance from Asian to Western culture, meaning you’ll dip your toes into Asian life, but still have some home comforts available too, not to mention English being widely spoken.
Now that you’re heading into Bangkok, choosing the right hostel to perfectly tee you up for your travels is just as important. Solo travellers especially, it’s always good to immediately immerse yourself with other solo travellers, to get that taste of what lies ahead.
Nappark Hostel has been around for a few years now, and one of their remedies for success is that they keep things simple. Here are some of the reasons why Nappark should be your first hostel stop in Bangkok (and Southeast Asia).
Social Scene
Although a small hostel in comparison to other known and popular hostels in Asia, the social scene in Nappark is just about perfect. It doesn’t go over the top with the constant fuelled party antics, yet, it allows for travellers to enjoy themselves both inside and outside the social areas. If you want to play games, have a drink or get to know one another, you can, until a certain time. It’s more of a personal social setting, with many travellers forming tight knit groups and essentially going out together.
It’s Close To Khao San Road
If not Southeast Asia’s most famous Backpacker strip, then certainly Khao San Road is Bangkok’s. Only two streets away, Nappark is an ideal distance; close enough to not venture too far, and far enough to not hear the constant booming sounds into the night. You’ll find an array of markets, bars and restaurants down Khao San, along with the ever-insistent touts. If you’re staying at Nappark, nine times out of ten your first night out in Bangkok will be here.
Added Comfort
If you’re travelling around Southeast Asia for a few months, you’ll no doubt be staying in many different accommodations. The facilities maybe hit and miss, but what you can be assured of is in Nappark, you’ll get the right mix of comfort despite the beds being all dorm beds. The air-con is lovely, the beds are daily washed and the showers are hot and powerful.
It’s The Beginning For Others Too
Nappark normally marks the start or the end of someone’s trip, but it’s the prior that is more exciting. Just like you, when you arrive, others will be in the same boat. They’ll be starting their trip, going north or south or flying out, and instantly you have the potential to find a new travel buddy. You won’t feel left out, you’ll be the newbie like many others too.
You Can Do All The Tours
Thailand is huge on tourism nowadays, and you’ve probably looked at some of the things you want to do in Bangkok prior to your arrival. Floating markets? Hangover II Skytower? Chinatown? Everything can be arranged within Nappark, and even your onward travel journeys within Thailand too.
Local Staff

One thing Nappark sticks to its roots with is that it keeps the staff local, meaning as a backpacker that’s a great way to witness and interact with locals straight away. The staff are friendly and some have been there for many years. Maybe you can learn some Thai from them, or perhaps they can show you around some off the beaten track spots!