Staying At Nappark FAQ

Sometimes when we travel we can be afraid to ask. Why? Everyone is different, but sometimes we assume before we know the answer. When you travel, it will help you greatly to just ask. Always ask wherever you are. Things are different from your home when you leave to travel, and things are different in Thailand for sure.


You may be trying to work out how to go here, or how to visit there. Well, just ask us! We are here to help, and like one of your recent blog entries, Nappark is More Than A Hostel.


Here are some of our most common questions.


“Do you guys have towels?”


Yes we do, free of charge!”


“Can I buy a beer?”


“Sure! Head over to the fridge choose your drink and come and pay at reception.”


“Where can I buy some food?”


We have a café here open from 8am-2pm which has breakfast and lunch items. If you want street food just go outside, there are tons of stalls to choose from. Rambuttri street is very good for food.”


“Where can I do laundry?”


“You can do laundry on the top floor if you want. It’s 40 baht for detergent, but you can wash and dry them yourself. It’s the cheap way! Otherwise a few places in the next street, called Rambuttri offer this.”


“Do you have a map?”


“Yes, just where the brochures and leaflets at below the reception desk”


“How do I get to the Thai islands?”


“We can book here for you, train or bus and when do you want to go?”


“How can I go to Chiang Mai?”


“We can arrange tickets for you, train or bus and when do you want to go?”


“How much is it to the airport?”


Approximately 400-500 baht for a taxi, but if you can book a mini bus shuttle from here for both airports for 150 baht. It takes one hour!”


“I want to do this tour, how can I?”


“We can book your tour here if we have it, if not Canary Travel across the road offer many tours too”


“Do you have padlocks?”


Yes, we sell them for 100 baht”


“What is the WIFI code?”


Of course we can give that to you, it’s free.”


“Do you guys change money?”


“No we don’t, but if you go to the next block to Rambuttri street, keep going as if you were going to Khao San Road, in between the Burger King and Starbucks there is a place that exchanges money”


“Where can I get a taxi?”


“There are taxi’s outside always, just flag one down. If they have a red light on it means they are free. Always ask for metered price. You can find a motorbike taxi at the top of the street but will be a fixed price, however will be a quicker journey.”


“Where can I take the bus?”


“The bus comes at the top of the street. If you tell us where you want to go we can tell you what number to take.”


“Can I leave my bags here until I leave later?”

Sure, just leave them with the rest of the luggage. We can show you where.”