What You Can Probably Buy From Khao San Road

We get asked a lot about what is on Khao San Road. We all know the street is a backpacker haven, full of parties and lots of lights, but if you’re looking for discounted (and knocked off) items, what can you actually buy down there?


No doubt you’ll find out what’s on sale before you even open your eyes with the amount of street hawkers, but in case you’re reading this prior to your arrival in Bangkok, you might want to take notes. We’re not going to say they will be the best purchases you’ve ever made, especially from the street stalls, but if they serve a purpose, you’ll for sure find a bargain. Let’s look at what you can buy:



Flip flops, sandals, trainers, dresses, skirts, elephant pants, boxer shorts, underwear, t-shirt, vests, jeans, shirts, hoodies, hats, caps, socks, shorts



Selfie sticks, phone chargers, USB leads, USB sticks, headphones, general cables, portable chargers, cameras, old phones, CD’s, MP3 players, radios.



If you ever want a suit, Bangkok has them cheaper than back home. You’ll normally see Indian men approach you with a full portfolio.



Tattoos are now common and studios are all over Bangkok. There are a few in and around the Khao San Road area too.



Backpacks, sports bags, rugsacks, handbags, satchels, pouches, waterproof bags.



Cigarette lighters, Tasers, bottle openers, Swiss knifes, smartphone cases, watches, sunglasses, I.D’s (normally fake)


Jewellery & Accessories

Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, studs, hairbands, headbands, wristbands



Generally there are pharmacies in and around Khao San Road that have a range of supplies. If you’re sick here is the place to go!