6 Low-Cost Airlines To Consider In Thailand

For many backpackers heading to Southeast Asia, things are CHEAP in comparison to prices back home. The street food, the shopping and the transport are all examples. For any backpackers being able to experience a fantastic currency exchange, it’s something that really is a privilege.


If you’re looking for cheap transport alternatives, something that is cheap for everyone, then look no further than budget airline travel options within Thailand. If you’re on a short trip, or need to be somewhere quicker than what a normal overnight bus journey would take, flying cheap is the option. So flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi or wherever, take note of some of these cheap Thai carriers.


Take a look at our list for flying around Thailand.


Thai Airways

Thailand’s flagship carrier flies internationally as well as domestically. Prices domestically recently are more competitive than they once were, and you may now find some good deals here.


Thai Smile


Owned by Thai Airways, Thai Smile only began operating in 2012 purposely to be a low-budget airline. Domestic destinations include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket and Krabi. Internationally you can fly to China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Laos and Malaysia.


Nok Air


Nok means bird and as you’ll see the yellow cartoon logo that represents the airline. Nok come across as a novelty airline yet are quite an efficient and ‘happy’ airline, travelling to all tourist destinations across Thailand. Nok keep things simple as a budget airline.


Thai Lion Air


No thrills here, but Thai Lion Air, are another low-budget carrier new on the airline scene. Founded 2013, and with over 22 destinations available you’re bound to find some cheap options. Not everyone’s #1 choice however, still if its cheap, take it!


Orient Thai


Another airline that is budget friendly, Orient Thai which can be under the name of One Two Go, is an option in Thailand. Although not much luxury, they do daily flights to a handful of destinations throughout Thailand and operate out of DMK airport in Bangkok.


Air Asia


Arguably the most popular due to the vast locations it covers across Southeast Asia, this Malaysian-born carrier goes domestically within Thailand too. Look out for flight deals, which sometimes can be very cheap or take them up on the Air Asia ASEAN pass that has benefits for travellers wanting to fly to several destinations quickly and for a one off cheap price.