The 5 Bucket List Items Everyone Does In Thailand

Thailand was once a place that few visited from destinations afar, but nowadays that’s completely the opposite. With tourism booming in the land of smiles, Thailand is expecting a rise once again this year, with over 30 million visitors expected.


If you’re keen to see the world, and Southeast Asia is the first place you want to travel, as many do, backpacking Thailand will probably be first up. Now, with many things to do in Thailand being opened up year after year, the main bucket list items still remain. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there are always the ‘main things’ to do. Thailand is no different, and whether you like to be a full on tourist or a off the beaten track traveller, it’s likely you’ll do at least one of these in Thailand, especially on your first visit.


Party on Khao San Road


Famous for it’s touts, markets, cheap street food, knock-off electronics, thumping base, open restaurants and lively bars, Khao San Road is visited by everyone who visits Bangkok. Although not a true representation on Thailand, it sets the tone of anything goes. Whether you’re eating scorpions, drinking buckets, tower beers or gorging on Pad Thai, Khao San Road is at least worth one night of madness.


Visit Chiang Mai’s Elephant NaturePark


Maybe a few years ago, riding an elephant would be the norm for visitors. But as practices have been illuminated throughout the travel world that this activity is essentially animal cruelty, more and more people are put off by this attraction. Now, people are going to play with the elephants, washing them, feeding them and generally looking after them. The pictures look great and there is nowhere better to do this then at Chiang Mai’s Nature Park in North Thailand.


Scuba Dive in Koh Tao


For many travellers that live in suburban settings scuba diving isn’t the everyday activity you’d get to indulge in, unless of course you’re by the ocean. In Thailand, and especially the southern island of Koh Tao, scuba diving IS the everyday thing. Famous because of how cheap it is and the dozens of dive schools, most travellers in Thailand try their hand at the scuba here.


Visit Maya Bay


Even though the movie is now 17 years old, The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, is still famous amongst travellers in Thailand. Why? Because it depicts paradise that is set at Maya Bay, just off the Koh Phi Phi islands that lie in Krabi province. Maya Bay is within a protected National Park that has no permanent inhabitants on. A crystal clear lagoon hidden behind limestone rocks with untouched white sand, it’s not difficult to see why this was the location for the movie.


Attend A Full Moon Party


Once a party that lured the weird and wonderful of travellers, more hippie and alternative and secret, the Full Moon Party is one big huge backpacker fest. With florescent paint and Haad Rin beach covered in western travellers, the Full Moon Party is one of the biggest beach parties in the world. Located in Koh Phangan, which effectively goes into lockdown during it’s monthly appearance, no matter how mad or over the top it maybe, it’s something that most travellers go to at least once.